Custom Poolscape Design

Your poolscape does not have to be a concrete jungle!

When considering the installation of a pool in your backyard, one of the drawbacks is the potential vast expanse of glaring concrete which can make your pool feel unnatural to the surroundings. To add elegance, value and make your pool look like it’s always been a part of your outdoor space, Low Country Landscaping uses travertine or engineered paver materials for your pool decking and coping. These stone pavers give the beautiful appearance of luxury yet are comfortable underfoot. Color selections are vast and can accommodate your pool tile colors and ideas as well as be cool on those sunny days for little toes. For environmentally sensitive areas or those with permeable issues, pervious materials can be used.

Low Country Landscaping can construct the landscape to compliment the pool decking and coping including adding lush palms, waterfalls, and even boulders for fun jumping off points. Low Country Landscaping can create your own private paradise.